This is the Medellín official Guide by Víztaz and the Medellín Mayor's Office

Gastronomía – Cocina Regional

Plaza Minorista José Maria Villa

ur culinary compendium reveals our region’s cultural and traditional subtleties. The tourist offer is enjoyed in traditional spaces where culinary secrets flood our path with flavor and aromas.

To discover Medellín’s ‘recipes’ includes a tour of the city’s markets exhibiting the best of their offer. The Bandeja Paisa, the area’s main typ-ical dish, requires 15 ingredients. However, geographic characteristics have expanded the offer to include fish-based dishes hailing from the coastal regions and other recipes in which vegetables and tubers predominate. Soups, broths, and exotic fruit juices representing Chocó’s fare, empanadas, and arepas de huevo, as well as patacones originating from sea-side cuisine complement a flavorful menu. This gastronomic tradition is complemented by the aggregate of popular blithe venues such as La Plaza Minorista, Plaza de Mercado La América, Placita de Flórez, Mercado Téjelo, and Mercado Arví, all synonymous of good cuisine. All this variety has propelled local administration initiatives that generate alternatives in offer and recreation such as the itinerant Farmers’ Market that take produce and products from rural farmers and artisans to different places around the city.