This is the Medellín official Guide by Víztaz and the Medellín Mayor's Office

Annexed Villages

Parque Ecológico Piedras Blancas

The city’s myriad attractions satisfy the most demanding of tastes, but if you allow yourself to succumb to exploring natural locales, you will find a pleasant surprise: rural areas that include the Annexed Villages of San Sebastián de Palmitas, Altavista, Santa Elena, San Antonio de Prado, and San Cristóbal. Their inhabitants offer pleasant and innovative spaces for the tourist with the varied economic vocations of their regions: woodlands for nature walks, recreational fishing farms, and extreme and adventure sports. These tourist destinations, safe and very close to Medellín, are an alternative for the visitor.

» Santa Elena

Santa Elena, birthplace of the Silletero; here you will fulfill your appointment with flowers, nature, and history all of which combining to keep tradition and heritage alive. The region boasts its Antioqueño roots meshed into the tourist scenario with farms full of Silletero culture. The natural environment presents the Arví Park, woodlands, nature trails, lookouts, historic routes, hotels, and typical roadway inns.
Kilómetro 15+700 / 57(4) 385-6984

» San Sebastián de Palmitas

Horse trails traversed by Arrieros or mule drivers of years past still lead to farmlands. A cable car, which serves as transportation for locals and connects three hamlets, is a tourist attraction in itself.
Calle 20 No. 35 - 114 / 57 (4) 385-6832

» San Cristóbal

This rural icon combines natural and architectural spaces. Flower plantations, ancient trails, stone vallados, trout farms, and endemic vegetation are some of its attractions.
Carrera 131 No. 60 - 59 / 57(4) 385-6840

» San Antonio de Prado

Its geographic features, with rugged formations, have molded a natural tourist contour on hillsides offering adventure, sports, and exploration scenarios. Its agricultural, livestock, and fish farms are highlights of the region.
Carrera 79 No. 41 Sur - 36 / 57(4) 385-6823

» Altavista

The region has characteristics that favor the emergence of different climatic zones. Touring the area offers the visitor the opportunity to discover horse trails, stone vallados or low stone fences, and brick factories.
Calle 18 No. 105 – 69 / 57(4) 385-7440