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Guardian Hills

Parque Natural Regional Metropolitano Cerro El Volador

Seven hills, each holding archeological and religious history and home to a diversity of fauna and flora, allow a view of the city below as far as its natural limits: Nutibara, El Volador, Pan de Azúcar, El Picacho, El Salvador, La Asomadera and Las Tres Cruces Hills, east central area.

» Cerro Nutibara
Cerro Nutibara

At its top sits Pueblito Paisa surrounded by lookouts from which to admire the Aburrá Valley. It is a natural wildlife habitat.

» Parque Natural Regional Metropolitano Cerro El Volador
Cerro El Volador

This park, declared Regional Metropolitan Natural Park, was a cradle of primitive cultures. It is a biodiversity conservancy area and a space for recreation.

» Cerro Pan de Azúcar

Its 5341-foot height offers a privileged view of Medellín. Footpaths, traversed by pre-Colombian cultures crisscross the area. The Omega nursery and the Enduro track are located nearby.

» Cerro El Picacho
» Cerro El Salvador
» Cerro La Asomadera
» Cerro Las Tres Cruces