Coliving in Medellín, a growing trend

What is coliving?

Having a place to live and a space in which to work is very important for independent travelers and creators who come to the city, especially during longer or shorter stays. This is precisely what coliving in Medellín consists of. It is a recent practice that expands the concept of coworking, offering among its services, also that of private housing (without the need to acquire private property and sharing expenses with the community of colivers).

Travelers who live in these spaces, in addition to sharing a home, have the possibility of connecting with people from all over the world on a professional and personal level. They make new friends, create support networks and generate dynamics such as networking. This makes it possible to continue expanding your network of contacts.

Indie Studio: home of independent creators in Medellin

Located in the Laureles neighborhood, Indie Studio is a co-living room in Medellin that has a universe of spaces for independent creators. Among them, collaborative workspaces and a terrace to be inspired by the impressive mountain view of the city. In fact, the spaces in Indie Studio are full of color. Each corner manages to be a perfect location for a good Instagram photo, or for new creative content for a work project.

In addition, aware that space is not the only important thing to activate creativity, Indie constantly organizes activities to reinforce the feeling of community among its colivers. They have moments of teamwork, gastronomy, arts, or others.


IMG_3957 (1)

in the Laureles neighborhood

One of the most fascinating things about Laureles, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in the west of Medellin, is that it still retains a very local spirit among its streets and avenues. at the same time that it has all the services for a traveler who comes to the city to live and work. coworkings, parks and green areas, bicycle lanes, gyms, shopping centers, and a fascinating and growing gastronomic offer and independent young design.

Those who have lived the experience of cohabiting Indie Studio know that they are part of a community full of creators and freelancers motivated by amazing projects. The prevailing need to mobilize to discover new places and connect with new people is also highlighted. it is an enriching experience for creativity, friendship, and a sense of community.

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