Everything you did not know about christmas in medellín

  • In Medellín and in Colombia in general, December is a month in which Christmas represents a festive season in which the atmosphere is transformed to give way to typical foods, music and other traditions that are exclusive to the best time of the year.
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  • In Medellín in December, custards, fritters and corn flakes with sugar are prepared to commemorate the Christmas novenas, to attend to visitors or to share with family, friends and neighbors.
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  • In December, the family is the most important nucleus. During this time, many people travel to meet and spend the Christmas holidays with their loved ones. Captura de Pantalla 2021-12-10 a la(s) 2.39.06 p. m.
  • Also the neighbors are protagonists of the Christmas festivities and it is common that during the festivities, at home there is someone from the neighborhood who is welcomed as part of the family. ❤️ Captura de Pantalla 2021-12-10 a la(s) 2.36.44 p. m.
  • The Christmas musical repertoire is completely different from the rest of the year, during this time the so-called December music or decembrina music is heard, ranging from Christmas carols to Colombian tropical music, such as porros, cumbias and gaitas.Captura de Pantalla 2021-12-10 a la(s) 2.37.05 p. m.
  • The Nativity Scene is also a very representative symbol of Christmas in Colombia, it represents the portal of Bethlehem where Jesus was born and is usually made in family with the representative figures of Joseph and Mary, the ox, the mule, the wise men and others. Also, around the Nativity Scene, the Novena de Aguinaldos is commemorated from December 16 to 24 among maracas, Christmas carols and typical Christmas foods in Colombia.
  • In Medellin, Santa does not arrive, in Medellin the ¨Child God¨ is born and with his birth, come the gifts for the family that are placed under the pillow or in the traditional Christmas tree.
  • In Medellín ¨el estrén¨ refers to the new and elegant clothes worn to commemorate the festivities of December 24 and 31.

December 31 Traditions

On the last day of the year many people in Medellin, wear yellow underwear, this because it is popularly believed to attract good luck, prosperity, money and abundance. There are even those who think it is even more effective if the underwear is worn inside out.

In addition, people usually eat twelve grapes making a wish for each one during the New Year, fill their pockets with lentils or go out on the street to walk the blocks with a suitcase to have a year full of travels and new experiences.

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