Life in Medellin: 7 Things That Will Surprise You About Living in This City

Many travelers want to feel at home when they travel, whether they’ll be living somewhere permanently or temporarily. 

The climate, culture, and food, for example, are all things that tourists have to adapt to during their visit. 

The good news is that living in Medellin you really won’t have difficulties with the climate, culture, or food. 

But, that’s not to say there aren’t things that won’t surprise you. Here are seven things that you might not have expected about life in Medellin. 

1. It’s a Warm City

No, we’re not talking about the temperature (although it’s warm temperature-wise, too). 

When you’re visiting Medellin, whether it’s a short-term visit or a long-term stay, don’t be surprised if you see people smiling at you when you walk down the street. The people of Medellín are famous for their kindness and friendliness! 

For instance, if at some point you need to get somewhere and don’t know how, you can count on one of the locals to offer help. 

They’re usually more than happy to at least offer directions, if not show you the way around!

2. The Weather Is Always Nice

There’s a reason why Medellin is known as the City of Eternal Spring. 

Whereas most countries go through a harsh winter and a hot summer, Medellin has mild temperatures year-round

Sure, some days might be rainier than others. 

But, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the temperatures dropping much below 62ºF at any time of year.

Not only is that great for strutting your stuff in snazzy summer clothes, but it’s also just great for exploring. You can get out pretty much any time of year and take advantage of the abundant countryside around the city. 

3. There’s Culture Everywhere

Life in Medellín has a modern rhythm that vibrates, just like any metropolis in the world. 

Theater, concerts, sports activities, and city events are on the city’s daily agenda. 

Now, while there are plenty of cities where you won’t find such a healthy mix of activities, Medellin is not it. In other words, whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. 

Don’t believe me?

Just have a look at the public agenda, to find all the events that take place every day of the year.

4. You’ll Have Endless Entertainment

Okay, okay. Enough about the weather and small-talk topics. 

Let’s talk about what really matters: the entertainment value of the city. 

The city’s parks, nightclubs and bars, green spaces, and cinemas all abound in Medellin, making it a city you’ll never grow tired of.

No, really. 

Regardless of whether you enjoy lounging by the poolside on the roof of a penthouse or you like getting dirt under your nails on a caving adventure, there’s something for everyone. 

5. The Food Isn’t What You Think

Most people think ‘South America’ and come up with some mix of rice and beans and Mexican-themed fare. 

However, Colombia’s gastronomy couldn’t be more different.

Sure, you can find rice and beans here, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in the world of paisa foods. 

Colombia is a unique blend of multiple ethnic groups and several different cultural traditions. The result is that it’s a veritable melting pot of flavors.

What’s more, Medellin is a super culturally-mixed area.

That’s only becoming more true with the flocks of digital nomads moving to the city!

The Bandeja Paisa is regarded as the national dish of Medellín, but you can always find a variety of foods in the city.  

6. It’s Easy to Get Around the City

Another thing you might not realize about Medellin before coming here is that it’s actually pretty easy to get around. 

Just like any city, it can seem a bit chaotic at first. 

But, as soon as you’ve got the hang of how the city works, you’ll be jet-setting from one side of town to the other. 

The reason why it’s so easy to get around Medellin is thanks to the modern, integrated transportation system that easily goes from north to south and east to west: the metro system

The metro system includes the train, metro cable, and tram and will only cost you a meager pittance.

7. Rent Is Super Affordable

Apartment buildings in El Poblado near Santafé mall
Apartment buildings in El Poblado near Santafé mall

Last but not least, the rent is to die for in Medellin. 

Medellin gives foreigners an investment opportunity they definitely weren’t expecting, 

In this city, you’ve got the possibility of renting luxurious places for really low prices. What’s more, almost every neighborhood in the city has multiple investment (or rental!) options, like hotels, hostels, and apartments. 

Nowadays, visitors are using more and more marketplaces, such as Airbnb, to connect with people who want to rent out their apartments.

That way, they get that home away from home experience while visiting this magnificent city. 

Experience Life in Medellin for Yourself

Experiencing life in Medellín is an experience like no other for any visitor who has chosen this city as their new home, permanent or temporary. 

So, what will it be for you? Will you come to Medellin and be surprised by the beauty and atmosphere of this place?

We’d say you should. And, once you do get here, leave us some comments with what surprised YOU about the City of Eternal Spring. 

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