Medellin at night experiences to enjoy the city at night

The Medellín scene is famous for its wide range of nightly entertainment and for the countless experiences around music, typical liquors, and the festive spirit that characterizes us Colombians. This, without neglecting that in addition to all those already widely recognized plans, the city has other cultural and tourist experiences to live Medellín at night.

Arví Nocturno

Arví Park is an Ecotourism Park in the village of Santa Elena surrounded by the charm and mysticism of 16,000 hectares of natural forest.

Through the Arví Nocturno guided tour it is possible to delve into the myths and legends of the trails of the Park, through stories that are accompanied by a campfire to enjoy food made in the territory itself and that promise to transport us to a magical environment.


Sunsets in the Cemetery

The San Pedro Cemetery Museum enjoys the privilege of being the only place in Medellín with that name, in addition to being declared a National Cultural Interest Site by the Ministry of Culture. It is iconic for housing the tombs and mausoleums of some of the

most famous figures in the history of the city and the country through a fixed exhibition, which unlike most conventional museums, cannot be replaced, much less moved .

The Sunsets in the Cemetery tour invites its visitors to enjoy the arrival of the night through the magic that the Cemetery Museum encloses, to visit the galleries, touch the tombstones, visit the graves and mausoleums of those who are part of our past. ; to appreciate the sunset, listen to the song of the birds and the whistle of the palms when the wind rocks them, appreciating at the same time, a thematic cultural intervention related to the event


Accessible tourism through inclusive tours

The streets of the city center witness the passage of the Expreso Nocturno each night, one that with a handful of travelers travels its streets, avenues, and historical sites to promote tourism that allows a new meaning of places that tourists traditionally visit little.

Heritage sites, traditional bars, murals, graffiti, and galleries are part of the tour that, under the gaze of the night, seeks to show us another way of experiencing the city.


70 Tourist Boulevard, Jardin Avenue, and Provenza Neighborhood

Of course, the wide gastronomic offer and nightly entertainment in the city are also part of the experiences to enjoy Medellín at night; Three traditional places to enjoy this type of tourism are: 70 avenue Tourist Boulevard, Jardin Avenue, and Provenza Neighborhood.

The first two are located in the Laureles neighborhood and the last one in the heart of the El Poblado neighborhood. Visiting them represents an experience in which through food and drink, you can enjoy everything from the most typical plans and flavors to those that make us feel in other parts of the world.

To live all these experiences, it is advisable to continue taking the necessary self-care measures and embrace the biosecurity protocols, especially during these times of celebration.

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