Reasons to visit the five townships of medellin during holy week

The city’s five townships welcome locals and visitors to discover their viewpoints, landscapes, sculptures, cultural activities and pilgrimage sites in Medellín during the Holy Week season. San Sebastián de Palmitas The most rural of Medellín’s townships is located at the gateway to western Antioquia, among a large mountainous complex that makes up the San Sebastián … Read more

Airs of tango in medellin

Despite the fact that Carlos Gardel’s death that unfortunate June 1935 would occur at the Olaya Herrera airport itself, tango was already intensely experienced in Medellín, due in part to the Argentine cinema of the 20’s and 30’s, which Gardel himself admired with a mixture of charm, surprise and fascination. This culture laid its foundations … Read more

Anatomy of the paisa tray

The bandeja paisa, the typical dish par excellence of the Antioquia region and one of the most famous in Colombian gastronomy, has about 2,000 calories and its origin dates back to the time of colonization, when in this mountainous region, the ¨envuelto antioqueño¨ was the food that gave the muleteers, the necessary portions of carbohydrates … Read more

Talent made in medellín

From the master Fernando Botero to fashion designer Andrés Pajón, Medellín is a cradle of talent where art, music and fashion find a transforming power. In fact, a few days before celebrating Colombiamoda, the most important fashion fair in Latin America, we made a review of some brands and designers that are a source of … Read more