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For my first foray out in the world since the start of the pandemic I chose Medellín, Colombia. I am very happy with my choice. Medellín is the capital of the Colombian state of Antioquia. If nothing else, it is known for its mountainous beauty: Approaching the airport And has the reputation of Eternal Spring. … Read more

Things to do in medellin colombia

Paisa Village in Medellin Berrío Park or Plaza Botero The Berrío Park is located in the heart of the city and is one of the obligatory stops to make in Medellin. It is the only open-air place in the world that has 23 bronze sculptures made by master sculptor Fernando Botero, donated to the city … Read more

Life in Medellin: 7 Things That Will Surprise You About Living in This City

Many travelers want to feel at home when they travel, whether they’ll be living somewhere permanently or temporarily.  The climate, culture, and food, for example, are all things that tourists have to adapt to during their visit.  The good news is that living in Medellin you really won’t have difficulties with the climate, culture, or food.  But, … Read more

The ultimate list of things to do in medellin

You’ve landed in Medellin, Colombia. After your parents and your friends warned you about coming to this ‘dangerous’ city, you’ve managed to take the risk to travel there yourself — and oh wait… you realize it’s actually not so risky after all!While Medellin used to be notoriously known as one of the most dangerous cities … Read more

12 best things to do in medellin

From short getaways to incredible and natural places, to museums and streets that tell their history, we tell you the best things to do in Medellin. Discover what the Antioqueño is and taste the “bandeja del paisa”, Colombia’s most representative dish. Pack your bags and start a new adventure! What is the weather like in … Read more