Where to sleep in colombia: recommended accommodations

Choosing where to stay in Colombia is not an easy task. That is why we wanted to give you a list of the hotels where we stayed during our trip to Colombia, with all the details, so that choosing and booking them is much easier and faster.

Keep in mind that in our case we always chose mid-range hotels, with an unbeatable value for money and all of them with central locations, allowing you to be close to most of the must-see places in Colombia.

Grace Hotel, our accommodation in Bogota

Located in the Chapinero Alto neighborhood, this apartment is a highly recommended option, as it is in a very safe area of Bogota and has many of the city’s most recommended G-zone restaurants nearby.

In addition to normal rooms, the hotel has two-story apartments, which was what we chose, with the only drawback, if we want to look for a but, that the stairs are quite narrow and difficult to access the room that is on the top floor.

It has all the services plus breakfast included in the price of the room that is served directly in the room after choosing that same day what you want for breakfast and say so at reception.

It also has free wifi quality.

Cacique Real, the best accommodation in Zipaquirá

Located in a very central area of Zipaquirá, just 500 meters from the Salt Cathedral and 200 meters from the main attractions of the town, this hotel is one of the best places to stay in Colombia.

The rooms are quite basic but are very good to spend the night as the location is privileged, the staff is very friendly and has breakfast included from 6 am in the cafeteria that is right in front of the reception.

You can also hire private transportation directly with them to go to the Guatavita Lagoon and then to Villa de Leyva, as we did.

Casa Provenzal, our lodging in Villa de Leyva

Although it is a little far from the most central area of Villa de Leyva, about 1 kilometer away, this hotel has the great attraction of its rooms and common rooms as well as an exquisite treatment by the staff.

Also if you want they can hire you a private transport to go directly to Barichara and then to the airport of Bucaramanga, as we did and you can see in the route by Colombia for free.

Breakfast is included in the price of the room and they have free wifi quality.

Casa Barichara Boutique, one of the best places to sleep in Colombia.

Located in the upper area of Barichara, this boutique hotel is one of the best in the town as well as one of the best hotels in Colombia in which we have stayed.

In addition to having beautiful common areas, including a garden, pool, hammocks and a super comfortable lounge, the rooms are large, very comfortable and the staff is incredibly attentive.

Breakfast is included in the price of the room, served in the garden every day at 8 am and the staff always offers you free lemonade, water and coffee.

Hotel Internacional La Triada in Bucaramanga

Located near the airport, this hotel in Colombia is very convenient if you have to spend a night before catching a flight, as was our case before going to Cartagena de Indias.

The rooms are large, with everything you need and breakfast is included in the price of the reservation.

They have quality wifi and room service at the restaurant is also included in the price. It is worth mentioning that they hire the shuttle service to the Bucaramanga airport for 37000COP.

Casa Venita Boutique Hostel in Cartagena de Indias

Located in the Getsemaní area, one of the best known neighborhoods in the city, this hostel is perfect for a few days in the city, although the standard rooms are very basic and so is the breakfast.

Something that caught our attention is that the staff treatment is friendly but worse than in the rest of the country and they did not care as much about the facilities as in the rest of the hotels in Colombia where we stayed.

Breakfast is included in the price of the room, the wifi is pretty good but you have to be in the patio area to get a signal and you can arrange with them the transfer to Santa Marta or Tayrona Park.

Hotel La Calzada del Santo in Santa Marta, one of the best hotels in Colombia.

This boutique hotel in the historic center of Santa Marta, is undoubtedly one of the best places to sleep in Colombia.

Although they have several options, the standard rooms are very good, with large bathroom, air conditioning and wifi signal of very good quality.

Also on the top floor they have a jacuzzi, bar and an area with hammocks and all the staff, including the owner, are incredibly friendly and in our case, helped us a lot with all the doubts we had to visit the Tayrona Park and about transportation.

Hotel Jasayma, the best hotel in Tayrona Park and one of the best places to sleep in Colombia.

Located at the entrance of Tayrona just 800 meters from the entrance of El Zaino, this hotel has basic facilities, but without a doubt, it is the best option if you want to stay inside the park.

In addition to two rooms with private bathrooms and several with shared bathrooms, but with views of nature and even an open area that allows you to sleep at night practically with an open ceiling, staying at this hotel in Colombia is a unique experience. In addition the staff is incredibly attentive, special mention to Nora, as well as very professional with Steven at the head of the kitchen.

They have wifi in the kitchen area, breakfast is included in the price and having nothing in the surroundings, if you want you can also have lunch and dinner on the premises paying an extra.

Medellin Vibes, the hotel in Medellin where we stayed.

Located in El Poblado, very close to the subway, this accommodation is perfect to spend one or two days in the city.

In addition to spacious rooms, with all the amenities, they have a pool area and bar, where you can also enjoy breakfast included in the price.

Hotel el Paisaje in Guatapé, one of the best places to sleep in Colombia.

Located right next to the small square El Zócalo, the most famous of Guatapé, this small hotel in Colombia, is a sure hit.

Although they have different rooms, we recommend you choose the ones overlooking the street of umbrellas, which also have a balcony and are perfect for enjoying the atmosphere that usually exists in this area.

If breakfast is not included in the room you choose, you can pay 6000COP and enjoy a very complete one in a nearby cafeteria, right in front of the malecon.

Mythos Hostal, the best lodging in Filandia

Located in the middle of El Tiempo Detenido street, this hostel is one of the most recommended in Finland and although the rooms are quite small, they are perfect to spend several days and they also serve a very complete breakfast that is included in the price.

The only problem with this hotel in Colombia is that right on one of the streets that the hotel faces, there is an arepas store that opens at 4 in the morning and they make some noise.

Hotel el Mirador del Cocora in Salento, the best hotel in the Eje Cafetero and another of the best hotels in Colombia.

Located very close to the viewpoint of Salento, in the upper part of the town, this is one of the most recommended places to stay in Colombia.

With spacious rooms, private bathrooms and incredible common areas, with a terrace with stunning views of the Cocora Valley, it is a perfect choice to spend a few days in the Eje Cafetero.

They also serve one of the most complete breakfasts we tried on the trip, which is included in the price of the room, they have quality wifi, parking and the staff is incredibly friendly.

MH Pereira

Located in Pereira this was an accommodation in Colombia that we only used one night to then go to the airport and transfer to Neiva, from where we went to the Tatacoa Desert.

The hotel is quite good, with comfortable rooms and rather small beds, although perfect for a night.

The only problem is that breakfast will be served from 7 o’clock so if you have an early flight you can’t have it. Despite that we were offered coffee before we left so we could at least have something to drink.

Payande, one of the best hotels in the Tatacoa Desert

These cabins, located 1 kilometer away from the Astrosur Observatory, are undoubtedly one of the best hotels to stay in Colombia.

With a basic but sufficient infrastructure, it is the perfect place to enjoy the Tatacoa Desert, one of the most fascinating places in the country.

Something important to keep in mind is that the location indicated in Booking or Maps.me and even Google Maps is not the correct one. If you book here you should arrive at the Astrosur Observatory and once at the gate, turn left at the sign that says Peñon de Constantino and continue 1 kilometer on an unpaved road with many potholes.

The accommodation has cottages of different options with more or less beds and private or common bathroom and also includes camping options.

You will see that the price is not particularly economical but it is a normal price in this area of the desert and includes a fairly basic breakfast with eggs, toast and fruit.

The only problem is that they do not have food service so they offer you to go to the restaurant Peñon de Constantino which is 200 meters away where you can use the pool or go to town for lunch or dinner.

Asgard in San Agustín

Located in San Agustín, this hotel is perfect for visiting the area as it is only 300 meters from the entrance to the San Agustín Archaeological Park.

The rooms are spacious, the wifi works very well, the service is second to none and breakfast is included in the price.

Being a bit far from town, you must have a vehicle or hire a cab for 7000COP to take you there, something that for us was no problem.

Tu Casa en el Mar in San Andres, another of the best hotels in Colombia.

Located in one of the most central areas of San Andres, this hotel in Colombia is perfect to spend a few days on the island as it also has an independent entrance, something that makes it easier for you to enter if you arrive in one of the planes that land on the island at night.

The rooms are spacious, with all the amenities, the wifi signal is good and they also keep your luggage for several days if you are traveling to the island of Providencia and you are overweight and can not get on the plane.

Miss Elma’s Cabins and Restaurant, the best hotel in Providencia

Located in Aguadulce, one of the best known beaches of Providencia, just 2 kilometers from South West and Manzanillo, are these cabins that are one of the best hotels in Colombia where we stayed at the end of the trip.

In addition to being beachfront, the area has some of the best restaurants on the island in addition to one of the supermarkets.

The accommodation has four rooms with sea views, which are the best, plus hammocks where you can enjoy sea views and one of the most recommended restaurants on the island.

In addition the staff is very friendly and help you manage anything you need including the rental of a mule to tour the island.

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