Welcome to the new smart tourism center of medellin

With the new year, Medellin inaugurates the new Medellin Smart Tourism Center, an innovation of the traditional Tourist Information Points, which encourages the city’s goal to be a smart tourist destination.

Medellin opens its doors to the new Medellin Intelligent Tourism Center located in Parques del Rio, one of the city’s recent projects for recreation in public spaces.

The Smart Tourism Center seeks to vindicate the innovative vocation of the city by moving from the traditional Tourist Information Points (PITS), through which information was given to tourists in a physical way, to doing so through interactive screens and all the possibilities that the Medellín.travel app has, including augmented reality experiences in various parts of the city.

Medellín Smart Tourism Center: accessible, technological and sustainable…. And the first in Colombia!

But in addition to being innovative, the Smart Tourism Center is also accessible, as it has a Braille map for visually impaired people, and an adjustable counter to provide attention to people with reduced mobility and small size.

It is technological because of the digital components it has such as interactive screens, holograms, augmented reality experiences through the app and a cabin with binaural sound that through acoustic isolation provides a much more immersive audiovisual experience to show, through audiovisual formats, the diversity of the sites that can be discovered in Medellin.

Likewise, the integration of beacons (small devices currently used in New York, Madrid and London, which transmit in real time extended information of the attraction or tourist site that the traveler is visiting and can consult through their mobile device), to Medellin’s smart tourism strategy.

Finally, it is sustainable, as it has solar panels on the roof, as well as one more on one side that is used for charging modules that are powered by solar energy and that visitors to the Medellín Smart Tourism Center in Parques del Río can use to charge their cell phones, cameras and other mobile devices.Read also: Mattours, rolling towards a more inclusive tourism.

River Parks

Parques del Rio is a place very close to downtown Medellin that through its more than 70,000 square meters seeks to promote the appropriation and enjoyment of green public spaces through eight kilometers of pedestrian paths, recreational areas, picnic areas and playgrounds.

Undoubtedly, a very innovative place to remind us of the value of public space for pedestrians, families, seniors, people with disabilities and athletes.