What to do in medellin at night? guide updated!

Medellin is the kind of city that besides having a varied cultural and natural tourist offer, to enjoy especially in the daytime; at night it also invites locals and visitors to live Medellin at night, through its nightlife entertainment offer.

Open the map and get ready to go out!

This guide is for you to appreciate and enjoy Medellín, also at night.

Downtown Medellín: art and gastronomy are served!


In the downtown area of Medellin, there are countless Medellin tourist sites located in the center: the Ayacucho tramway, Plaza Botero, the Museum of Antioquia, among many others.

However, in the evenings, the Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater, the Matacandelas Theater, the Little Theater, among others, open their curtains to welcome visitors to downtown, so that in addition to enjoying their offerings, they can also enjoy other authentic experiences.

Experiences such as enjoying a live tango show at Café Málaga, attending a concert at La Pascasia, being surprised by the gastronomic offer of Mercado de La Playa, taking part in the ¨Gallery Nights¨ of the cultural heritage platform Distrito Candelaria, or discovering the impressive art galleries of the National Palace on its fourth and fifth floors.

If any area in the city has gained popularity in the city, especially due to its growing gastronomic offer, this is Laureles – Estadio, a place full of tourist corridors, bars and restaurants of all kinds. Shall we talk about some of them?

Laureles neighborhood:


Laureles is considered one of the most traditional neighborhoods in western Medellin, where you can still appreciate the architecture of the 50’s in one-story houses with several rooms, patios and gardens.

Mansions that coexist with cafes, bars, markets and restaurants of all kinds that have notably diversified the gastronomic and nighttime entertainment offer of this sector of the city.

River Parks:

The Parque Lineal ¨Parques del Río¨ is a place where in its more than 70,000 square meters, it is possible to enjoy its various green spaces, pedestrian paths, living areas, among others.

In addition, in recent years it has been one of the epicenters of the traditional Alumbrado de Medellín.

Avenue 33 and Carrera 70 Tourist Corridor:

Avenue 33 is already widely known for having fondas, bars and nightclubs that are part of Medellín’s nightlife entertainment offer.

In fact, one of the places from which you can observe the mountainous landscape of Medellin while enjoying a good drink, is the rooftop of the Hotel Cavalta.

On the other hand, the tourist corridor of ¨La 70¨, is also typical for having a wide range of hotels in the same sector, around which you can also find typical restaurants, craft stores, inns, bars and nightclubs with tropical music, salsa and reggaeton.

El Poblado neighborhood:


Like Carrera 70, also the Poblado sector in Medellin, is recognized for its wide range of hotels, gastronomy, shopping and nightlife entertainment. Do you want to know which are its most iconic sites?

Poblado Park

Rock, salsa and reggeton bars are the order of the day in the surroundings of Poblado Park, which can also be enjoyed on one of its staircases, strolling through its handicraft market or searching for one of the rooftop bars in this area of the city, such as Mosquito bar, La Deriva, or Marquee.

Lleras Park

Lleras Park is another of the places in Medellin traditionally known for its nightlife and for the variety of lodgings, restaurants, bars and nightclubs that gather in one of the most touristic areas of the city.

Via Primavera and Barrio Provenza

Vía Primavera and Barrio Provenza seduce its inhabitants with its boutique-style hostels, excellent quality restaurants with flavors from around the world and small independent designer stores that showcase the talent of young people

Queer entertainment in Medellín

Bar Chiquita Medellín

El Poblado is also one of the city’s neighborhoods with the greatest offer of queer entertainment, especially due to the growth and embrace of drag culture in Medellín.

Bars and nightclubs such as Chiquita, Club Oráculo and Querida are proof of a diverse, inclusive and welcoming city.

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