3 tourist sites in medellín to experience art under the open sky

Join us through this quick tour of 3 tourist sites in Medellín to experience art under the open sky.

Art in Medellin is experienced through manifestations as diverse as the city itself. Large-format graffiti by young artists coexists in its urban landscape, to squares complete with monumental bronze figures such as Botero Square. It is one of the most visited tourist places in Medellín and the only outdoor place in the world that has 23 sculptures by Maestro Fernando Botero, the most exposed living artist in the world.

Top tourist sites in Medellín to experience art under the open skyTop tourist sites in Medellín to experience art under the open sky

Botero Square

Located in the heart of Medellín, Botero Square is one of the most representative places in the city. A group of 23 monumental bronze sculptures are the living expression of the sensuality that the master Fernando Botero reflects in his work through his voluminous figures.

The cat, Adam, Eve, Man on horseback, Roman soldier, Thought, Hand and head are some of these works that adorn one of the most instagrammable places in Medellín. It is also very easy to get there, as it is located just 200 meters from the Parque Berrío station of the Medellin Metro.

Plaza Botero

Fotografía de la Plaza Botero

Open Sky Gallery of the Ayacucho Tramway

If you are a lover of urban art, muralism and graffiti, in the Open Sky Gallery of the Ayacucho Tram you will be able to appreciate the work of 27 artists. Through different techniques they recognize different traditional elements of Antioquia culture.

In addition, arriving by public transport is very easy: you just have to identify a Metro station, get off at the San Antonio station and take the tram to get off again at the San José station. There you can start your walking tour.


Fotografía mural Ayacucho

Graffitour of the Commune 13

Recognized for being one of the most visited tourist places in Medellín, The Commune 13 attracts hundreds of visitors who want to witness its history of resilience and transformation.

The one-and-a-half-hour tour of its Graffitour is a visual experience through the history of this community. In each mural the memories that persist and that today, in addition to art, are manifested in urban music, dance and taekwondo are symbolically captured.

Also, no less important, are its escalators located in the Las Independencias neighborhood, the first public and free escalators in the country. They have become a benchmark for social urbanism.

La 13

Fotografía de la Comuna 13

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