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Meet the rebirth of Medellin with the Graffiti Tour

Just like people, the best cities are those that have managed to move forward after facing adversity. This is Medellín, a city that opens its doors for you to learn about its impressive transformation and the way it has managed to become an example of development and innovation.

In fact, the rapid progress of the capital of Antioquia has been recognized worldwide, to the point that the prestigious U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal chose Medellin as the most innovative city on the planet.

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There are many projects that justify this award, but perhaps none as important as offering new life opportunities for people who lived in communities touched by the tragedy.

That is the case of Comuna 13, a neighborhood that left behind dark times and now demonstrates, through art, music and culture, that we can all be better.

La Comuna 13, an innovative project of social urbanism

This famous Comuna has managed to be resilient by believing in the ways of coexistence and art, and now, thanks to the impressive transformation of Medellín, you can witness this wonderful story.

For this reason, we highly recommend you to take the Graffiti Tour in Comuna 13. On this tour, you will discover a young and renewed Medellín that, through music and graffiti, has found new ways to express itself and to live in peace.

Thousands of tourists come to the capital of Antioquia every year to see this beautiful side of Medellín, where street art is the main protagonist.

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How to do the Graffiti Tour in Medellin?

To do the Graffiti Tour, you can go from any point of the city to the San Javier subway station.

The tour starts there, which you can do on your own or with tour companies that will not only guide you to the best murals, but also tell you the whole story of how Medellin has managed to progress in a very short time.

On your tour, in addition to impressive displays of street art, you will meet young people who have changed their lives thanks to disciplines such as graffiti, hip hop and theater.

In fact, there are youth groups like Kasa Kolacho, who will open the doors of their hearts to tell you about their life experience and their optimism for the future in this new Medellín.

You can also see impressive graffiti in the Biblioteca España park, located in the Santo Domingo area. So come and get to know the vitality of Medellín that, through art and its joyful youth, will show you why this city is one of the great promises of the 21st century.

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