5 proposals from medellin to support local purchases

One of the most significant things about knowing a new place, in addition to lovingly preserving the photos and memories of each adventure, is knowing that through your own consumption, you can generate a positive impact on the destination you visit. What is known as local purchase.

Precisely this practice has spread as a global message from entrepreneurs, artisans, artists, designers, and merchants, to invite travelers from all over the world to support the local culture.

Places in Medellin to support local shopping

In Medellin for example, farmers and artisan markets, independent designer stores, coffee shops, galleries, among others, are some of the places that invite, through local purchases, to connect with memory through their own products, the habits and customs, and the people of the city.

1. Farmers Markets

Every weekend, 21 parks in Medellin receive producers from the townships of the city to sell their fruits, vegetables, flowers, typical foods, and handicrafts in the Farmers Markets of Medellin, where they sell their products at fair prices, without intermediaries and directly from the field to the table. Also, through the Compra Local platform, it is possible to support these local producers and entrepreneurs from home.

Where do you find them?

Ciudad del Río: 20 street with 44 avenue

La Presidenta Linear Park: 43 avenue with 7th street

UVA Ilusión Verde: 3B South street with 29B avenue

Santa María de los Ángeles: 48 avenue with 17ª south street.

Los Almendros Park: 50 street with 64 avenue.

Los Mangos Park, San Joaquín: 66B avenue with circular 4ª

Second Laureles Park: 66B avenue with 4th circular.

Parques del Rio: 80B avenue with 34C street.

Loma de Los Bernal: 7th street with 81B avenue.

Belén Park: 77 avenue with 31 street.

Villa de Aburrá: 81 avenue with 32B street.

Mon y Velarde: 48 avenue with 57 street.

Cristo Rey: 52 avene with 1 street.

Life Park: 76ª avenue with 55 street.

La Floresta Park: 45D transversal with 85 avenue.

Cristóbal Neighborhood Sports Unit: 86 avenue with 37 street.

Nuevo Occidente: La Aurora metrocable station.

Pilarica: 73 avenue with 74ª street.

San Antonio de Prado, park: 79 avenue with 41 street.

Palmitas: main street, in front of the church.

2. Artisan market of San Alejo

Every first Saturday of the month, the San Alejo Artisan Market takes place in one of the most traditional places in the Center of Medellin: Bolívars Park.

More than 400 artisans, artists, and small producers come together to offer visitors of the market, handicrafts, antiques, plants, home decorations, plants for the garden, clothing, and all kinds of unique objects that make this experience of local shopping, an activity that is considered Intangible Heritage of the city.

The San Alejo Artisan Market is installed every first Saturday of the month between 8 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon.

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3. Arví Park Store

In addition to the natural charm of being immersed in 16,000 hectares of forest, Arví Park is a space to enjoy all kinds of ecotourism and sustainable tourism activities in the village of Santa Elena.

One of these activities is to visit the Arví Market or the Arví coffee shop, places through which farmers, micro-entrepreneurs, and inhabitants of the territory offer and sell handicrafts, processed foods, and typical agricultural products of the region.

The Arví Park is the only natural park in Colombia that has the Rainforest Alliance certification in Sustainable Tourism, which recognizes good environmental practices as well as the commitment to local cultures.

4. The Laboratory Coffee Shop

If there is any place in Medellin that accurately summarizes what it means to have a good cup of specialty Colombian coffee, it is the Laboratory Coffee shop, a place that seeks to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee growing that offers very high-quality beans.

Its coffees reach different countries in the world (Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom; among others), from where you can buy coffee of exotic varieties, differentiating processes, or limited quantities subject to small productions during the year.

Likewise, there are several The Laboratory Coffee Shop stores in Medellin where the experience can be more complete.

5. Provenza neighborhood and Primavera Way

Medellin has managed to position spaces, streets, and avenues in which young entrepreneurs are the protagonists of local commerce with their offer of fashion, jewelry, shoes, accessories, among others.

Some of the most representative places to buy these designer products are Jardín Avenue in the Laureles neighborhood and Provenza neighborhood and Primavera way in the El Poblado neighborhood.

Those who purchase local products during their visit to Medellin have the opportunity to preserve unique pieces that are the expression of the originality, dedication, and entrepreneurial vocation of a vibrant, creative, and welcoming city.

Those who purchase local products during their visit to Medellin have the opportunity to preserve unique pieces that are the expression of the originality, dedication, and entrepreneurial vocation of a vibrant, creative, and welcoming city.

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